Michael Jackson Won't Be Buried Without His Brain

July 9, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson Won't Be Buried Without His Brain

While Michael Jackson's final resting place is still unknown, what we do know is that his brain was temporarily removed for toxicology tests and the family won't bury him without it.

As Hollyscoop reported yesterday, Michael's brain was removed from his body in order for the coroner to conduct a neuropathology test to determine what caused Michael to go into cardiac arrest.

Investigators also say a thorough examination of brain tissue will show which drugs were in his system at the time of his death.

But the family does not want to bury Michael until the toxicology reports are complete and the brain is returned to them.

Assistant chief coroner Ed Winter said: "As soon as we are done with the brain, we'll return it. The last I heard, they are not burying the body yet."

It's unknown how long the toxicology tests will take because the coroner has to wait for the organ to harden, but Michael passed away two weeks ago already. Let's hope they speed up this process so he can finally be laid to rest.