Michael Jackson to Finally Be Laid to Rest

August 5, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson to Finally Be Laid to Rest

After over a month since his death, Michael Jackson is finally being laid to rest.

Plans are underway to bury the King of Pop. The Insider has learned from a Jackson family source that they have signed papers to clear the way, and Michael will be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Forest Lawn is already the final resting place of Hollywood legends Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, and Ed McMahon.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was also buried at Forest Lawn after she passed away in 1990, so it makes sense that Michael would be buried close to her.

Michael passed away on June 25th and has yet to be buried due to the ongoing investigation surrounding his death. His personal physical Dr. Conrad Murray is under investigation for possible manslaughter, and his autopsy reports keep getting delayed. At this point, those reports may never see the light of day!

Meanwhile, an LA judge granted Michael's mother Katherine Jackson full custody of his three children, but his father Joe won't help raise them.

"I do visit the family residence from time to time and will continue to do so; however, I will not be involved in raising the children," Joe Jackson said in a two-page court declaration. He said all "decision-making authority" will rest with his wife, Katherine Jackson.

Joe can't even live at the Jackson family compound in Encino, Calif., under the custody deal between Katherine and Debbie Rowe, which should make a lot of Michael Jackson fans happy. He was always very verbal about how much he didn't like his father.

Details on the date of the burial and where he'll be buried to come soon!