Michael Jackson to be Buried on His Birthday

August 17, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson to be Buried on His Birthday

After weeks of hearsay, Michael Jackson will finally be laid to rest on his birthday. At least that’s what Joe Jackson says.

He told the NY Daily News that Michael will be buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery on August 29th at 10AM, which would have been his 51st birthday.

According to the report, Joe says the plans for Michael’s burial have been made in the last few days. He also told the Daily News that for the most part, he supports the LAPD’s investigation into his son’s death, but says he thinks they’re making Dr. Conrad Murray the “fall guy for a whole lot of people.”

Joe also mentioned that Michael’s mother Katherine has been taking the death of her son very hard. He said she often bursts into tears.

Lastly, Joe denied rumors that Neverland Ranch would be moved to Vegas to become a tourist attraction. When asked, Joe replied with the question, “How would they do that?”

We’re just glad Michael is finally being laid to rest. It will have been over two months since his death by the time he’s buried. Hopefully this will give Katherine and the rest of Michael’s family a little bit of closure.