Michael Jackson Sued for $40 Million

June 11, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson Sued for $40 Million

Michael Jackson can add an extra $40 million to his heap of legal woes. Concert promoter AllGood Entertainment filed a lawsuit today against Jackson for allegedly breaching a contract to perform a reunion concert with all of the members of his family.

The company states that they had a deal in place with Michael’s then-manager Frank DiLeo to stage a reunion show as a pay-per-view TV event.

AllGood claims that Jackson’s comeback summer tour in London violates the terms of their contract, which forbade him from performing in other capacities before the reunion concert and for at least three months after the show.

According to the lawsuit, Event promoter AEG knew of the agreement between AllGood, Dileo and Jackson, "but due to their dominance and power in the live performance industry, coerced and/or induced Dileo and Jackson to disregard the agreements with AllGood and to work with it instead."

The lawsuit states, "We've given Michael Jackson and AEG every opportunity, publicly and privately, to resolve this matter and to date we have not heard from anyone.”

But AllGood doesn’t necessarily want Jackson to cancel his London shows this summer—they just want to make money off of him! Allgood attorney Ira Meyerowitz says, "What were looking for is for our clients to be involved in the London concerts or be compensated for agreements they entered into."