Michael Jackson Planning More Plastic Surgery

March 17, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson Planning More Plastic Surgery

In a bid to look more fresh and youthful, Michael Jackson is reportedly planning on having more plastic surgery before he kicks off his tour this summer.

Jackson, who is on the top of every 'Bad Plastic Surgery' is eager to go under the knife again, hoping to correct a few procedures and revamp his image.

Biographer Ian Halperin– who has written new book Unmasked: The Michael Jackson Story – tells the UK Sun that the singer is "planning to splash out on revamping his image."

He says, "Michael has consulted some of the world’s best cosmetologists and surgeons in preparation for this comeback.

When your face looks like plastic, plastic surgery is the last thing you need! We're hoping someone can talk Michael out of this, because the idea just sounds 'Bad!'