Michael Jackson Owes Wyclef Jean Money

January 24, 2008 By:
Michael Jackson Owes Wyclef Jean Money

Michael Jackson
is known to be one of the greatest musical talents of all times but now it just seems like he is known for his financial troubles.

Jackson is rumored to be in a $300 million dollar debt. Wyclef Jean added on to his $300 million dollar debt by reminding the pop star on TV that he still owes him money for work they have done together.

The two worked together in 1997 but Michael never paid Wyclef for his work as producer.

"Michael Jackson owes me money," he said. "Mike, holla at me. You know what it is."

"We did a couple of sessions," Wyclef explained. "It was a long time ago now, but I still haven't been paid. Mike knows the money he owes me. I just wish he'd get in touch."

It’s been years and everyone is still waiting for a “comeback” and the rumor on the block is that he is only going to make that comeback in order to get out of debt.