Michael Jackson: Making More Money Dead than Alive

October 28, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson: Making More Money Dead than Alive

While most artists aren't appreciated until they're gone, the world loved Michael Jackson when he was alive. But apparently businesses love him more now that he's gone.

MJ has reportedly made $90 million dollars since his death in June and most of that money is thanks to AEG, the company behind his This Is It tour and his new movie. If you recall he was in some serious debt right before he passed.

Michael came third in Forbes.com's annual Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list after bringing in the enormous sum from AEG, radio play, royalties from album sales, rights to his name and royalties from his stake in the Sony/ATV music catalogue.

Forbes Senior Editor Matthew Miller said: "The money might be drying up in Hollywood, but there's still plenty of cash being made in the graveyard. The earning power of dead celebrities is more powerful than ever before."

Check out the list of Forbes Annual Top Earning Dead Celebrities below:

1. Yves Saint Laurent - $350 million

2. Rodgers and Hammerstein - $235 million

3. Michael Jackson - $90 million

4. Elvis Presley - $55 million

5. J.R.R. Tolkein - $50 million

6. Charles Schulz - $35 million

7 = John Lennon - $15 million

7 = Dr. Seuss - $15 million

9. Albert Einstein - $10 million

10. Michael Crichton - $9 million