Michael Jackson Looking To Adopt?

March 23, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson Looking To Adopt?

Michael Jackson is reportedly looking to adopt another child. He’s trying to do it right around the time he temporarily moves to England for his summer comeback shows.

British paper The Sunday Express reports, “Before his concerts he has said he wants to spend at least three weeks in Britain, getting used to the time zone and exploring the country.

"It is during this period that he wants to have meetings about adoption. He has not said if he wants a boy or girl, just that it would be good for the family to have another brother or sister.”

We’re not sure this is the best idea, but it’s Michael Jackson, and who’s to stop him? At least he’s planning on retiring after his comeback shows this summer.

Bringing another child into the world is tough enough, let alone when you’re traveling around world doing shows. And on top of that, Michael’s health is reportedly deteriorating, so we’re not sure why he’d want to expand his family at this point.

But Michael will be Michael! Hopefully the adoption agencies will really give the adoption a lot of thought before handing over a child to him.