Michael Jackson Has Made $900 Million Since Death

June 7, 2010 By:
Michael Jackson Has Made $900 Million Since Death

Michael Jackson has made a ton of money since his death! Guess this will help with that huge amount of debt he has!

Joe Jackson's lawyer is demanding publication of the King of Pop's posthumous earnings following reports his estate has made $900 million since his death last year.  

Jackson Kids To Get $33 Million Each from Michael's Will

According to reports, since his death, Jackson's estate administrators have signed a $250 million deal with Sony which gave the record label full access to the singer's back catalogue and unreleased material.  The release of his This Is It film made more than $260 million .


An insider tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "The estate has made around $900 million in cash since Michael's death. This is an incredible amount. No other artist has ever made that much since they died. It should ensure Michael goes down in history as the greatest artist of all time."  

Now Joe Jackson is calling for administrators to publish details of the star's posthumous earnings.  He tells the publication, "They are being too secretive. The public has a right to know what the estate is doing in his name." 

It's so obvious that he wants a cut of it! We hope the story that came out last week about the children getting all the money is true!