Michael Jackson Had Surgery Days Before His Death?

July 3, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson Had Surgery Days Before His Death?

Here we go again. There are reports circulating the net that Michael Jackson went under the knife just days before his passed away on June 25th.

Michael allegedly had a cancerous lesion removed from his nose just two days before he suffered from cardiac arrest.

"Last week, I had two real sources call me and say he's getting surgery right now for removal of skin cancer off his nose," biographer Diane Dimond and an unnamed family source tell Us Weekly in an interview on June 26.

"This is not a man who suffers pain well. He likes painkillers. So he got some from here, he got some from there -- who knows how much."

If he went under the knife, like the biographer claims, wouldn't he have had a bandage on his nose? Or some kind of medical dressing on it?

Michael was video tapped rehearsing for his tour on the same day that he allegedly got surgery. And the rehearsal was at night, which means he had to have had the surgery that morning. We're calling BS on this one. What do you guys think?