Michael Jackson Had Complained of Chest Pains Weeks Ago

June 26, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson Had Complained of Chest Pains Weeks Ago

A friend of Michael Jackson’s has come forward to say that they aren’t surprised by his death. This comes as a shock since the entire world feels like it came out of the blue. But to this particular friend, it was not.

The source who remains unnamed tells Radar that Michael had been suffering from cardiac problems for weeks leading up to his death.

The source says, “I last saw Michael on June 16th and he told me then he wasn’t well. He told me, ‘I haven’t been feeling well lately. I am having problems with my chest’. He touched his chest as he said it, indicating to me he was having heart trouble. It was also visibly obvious that he was having trouble breathing.”

“He was so very, very slim that last day I saw him. And his hands were extremely dry and scaly. It was like he had severe psoriasis. I loved Michael but I was sadly not surprised by the news of his passing.”

This is so scary that no one knew about this except for his close friends. Michael was always a very private person, so we understand why he wouldn’t want to disclose too much information to the public. But it’s still so sad to hear about it after the fact.