Michael Jackson Autopsy TV Special: Cool or Creepy?

December 30, 2010 By:
Michael Jackson Autopsy TV Special: Cool or Creepy?

Everyone has their panties in a bunch over the Discovery Network running a special on the reenactment of Michael Jackson’s autopsy.

The special, called Michael Jackson's Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson, will apparently feature an imagined reenactment of Jackson's autopsy, and air on Jan. 13 in Europe.

According to E! Online, co-executors of MJ’s will John Branca and John McClain fired off a letter to Discovery saying:

"Your decision to even schedule this program is in shockingly bad taste, insensitive to Michael's family, and appears motivated solely by your blind desire to exploit Michael's death, while cynically attempting to dupe the public into believing this show will have serious medical value."

The executors are also really pissed about the ad that goes along with the special that depicts a body lying on a table under a sheet with nothing showing but that sparkly infamous glove.

"The ad is debased, sick and insensitve," they wrote. "No doubt this fictitious, morbid image is being spread worldwide even now on the Internet"—well, it is now!—"viewed by Michael's loved ones, and even accepted as authentic by those who may be unaware that Discovery made it up."

Ok, is it just me, or are they totally overreacting? Sounds like they’re pissed they didn’t think of it first! When you think about it, no one really does understand what exactly killed MJ.

A TV show like this would likely clear up a ton of questions surrounding his death! MJ was, and continues to be, properly mourned, so I really don’t see how this is “sick and insensitive.”

What do you think?