Michael Jackson Already Buried?

August 10, 2009 By:
Michael Jackson Already Buried?

There's been so much buzz surrounding Michael Jackson's personal life, kids, and medical records that we missed his funeral!

Michael was reportedly laid to rest (finally!) last Thursday during a low-key ceremony at Hollywood's Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Michael's father Joe and sister La Toya are believed to have been the only family members to attend the secret service, which took place six weeks after Michael died of a suspected cardiac arrest.

While it sounds strange that Michael would be buried without his entire family present, the Jackson's are refusing to confirm or deny that he's been buried because of fears fans will descend on his grave and even attempt to desecrate or steal his body.

A cemetery source said: “Michael has already been laid to rest, but other than the Jackson family and the management at Forest Lawn, no one knows the exact spot.

“Staff at the cemetery have been fed several different locations, it’s as if they are hoping to confuse everyone so it can’t leak out. The fear is that thousands of Jackson fans will descend on the cemetery and create a security issue or maybe even damage or deface the grave.”

Apparently if the Jackson's feel the grave's security is threatened, they'll consider moving the body to a memorial site in Las Vegas, or even Neverland Ranch. Jeez, the poor guy can't even get some rest now that's passed away!

In the upcoming week the family is expected to make false statements about the burial date hoping to confuse fans and the media, and honestly, we don't blame them!