Michael Jackson Addicted to Opiates, Claims Former Doctor

July 12, 2013 By:
Michael Jackson Addicted to Opiates, Claims Former Doctor

Michael Jackson had a drug problem. All right, that’s not really news. How extensive it was, however, was always a contentious topic.

According to a doctor who treated the late Michael in the early '90s, his addiction to prescription pain medications was more severe than even most believed.

In a videotaped testimony, recorded during a February deposition played for jurors in the ongoing Jacksons vs. AEG Live LLC case, Dr. Stuart Finkelstein said he was asked by AEG Live to serve as Michael’s personal physician during his final “This Is It” tour in 2009.

He corroborated Michael’s dependence on drugs as early as 1993 while working on his “Dangerous” tour, retelling a time he spent 24 hours in the entertainer’s hotel suite and giving him morphine intravenously.

The doctor said his buttocks was scarred from prior unspecified treatments and he was concerned about injecting him with Demerol.

He also noticed that Michael had a very high tolerance for morphine and was wearing a path that administered another opiate drug.