Mark Geragos: Jackson Kids Testimony Against Conrad Murray Would be 'Powerful'

September 27, 2011 By:
Mark Geragos: Jackson Kids Testimony Against Conrad Murray Would be 'Powerful'

The prosecuting team gave their opening statements this morning, and it included an eerie recording of the late Michael Jackson as well as a photo of his deceased body. Shortly after, the defense gave their side of the story.

Dr. Conrad Murray’s attorney, Ed Chernoff, told the jury that Jackson caused his own death. He adds that Jackson self-injected the propofol and had also swallowed 8 pills of Lorazepam. It all combined to create the “perfect storm” that killed the pop singer.

Hollyscoop talked to Michael Jackson’s former attorney, Mark Geragos, to get his take on the trial.

“What [Dr. Murray] needs to do and what his lawyers need to do is establish that there is some reasonable doubt as to whether or not Dr. Murray is the cause of the death,” Geragos told Hollyscoop.

“I don’t think it’s a good defense strategy to run down Michael Jackson, so to speak…specially if you have a jury that at least is composed with half of the people who are Michael Jackson fans. I think if [Dr. Murray] embraces the idea that he was there, not only was he a fan of Michael Jackson but more importantly that this is somebody he cared deeply for and would never harm him that I think would play better with a jury.”

So bottom line, what are the chances that Dr. Conrad Murray will be found not guilty of manslaughter?

“The manslaughter that he’s charged with the maximum is four years and the most he would do is two years so already he’s got quite a break just by virtue of that. I think his chance at acquittal is good, he’s got a decent jury,” Geragos tells us.

“The defense I think in this case is going to revolve around the fact that they are trying to establish that Michael Jackson was addicted to these drugs and when the doctor was administering them, all he was trying to do was basically wean him off of the drugs and that the prosecution has basically targeted Dr. Murray as the last man standing.”

And of course, this case is different than most trials, if only for the fact that it involves one of the most beloved public icons.

“I think the defense is very, very concerned about the effect that the media will have on the jury. That is one of the reasons they asked for a sequestered jury, they wanted a jury like Casey Anthony’s jury that was sequestered that wasn’t exposed to all the media,” Murray explains.

“I think it’s very tough for him to get a trial that is not going to be affected by the media.”

As far as Michael’s children testifying, Geragos says it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Jackson kids was called to the stand.

“The kids are on the witness list, number one. Even if the prosecution does not call them the defense still can call them. I would not be surprised at all if they call [them]. I think that is, if I were a betting man I would say it’s five-to-one that they will.”

Geragos added: “from the media standpoint there couldn’t be anything more powerful than Paris getting on the stand and emoting.”