Man Suing Michael Jackson Estate for $5 Million

October 6, 2009 By:
Man Suing Michael Jackson Estate for $5 Million

A man who claims he was the highest bidder on 170 items in a canceled Michael Jackson auction is now suing the late singer’s estate.

Richard Lapointe has just filed a $5 million lawsuit against both Michael’s estate and Julien’s Auction House, who had scheduled a huge Jackson memorabilia auction for April, but ended up canceling it.

In the lawsuit, Richard claims he was the only bidder on 82 items and "may have been the highest bidder on not less than 88 additional items."

Richard claims Julien's notified him in writing on April 11 and 14 that his registration was complete and his bids had been received. Richards claims Julien's then canceled the auction "despite having accepted bids." He's asking for a minimum of $5 million -- because he claims that's the "true market value of the items" he was bidding on.

Darren Julien issued a statement to TMZ saying:

"He called us the day the auction was canceled and told us he has been emotionally damaged, and he asked what we would do to compensate for it. If he is that emotionally damaged, he can bet on the items when they come back up for auction on November 21st. Also, he accepted the terms on the bidder form which said the auction could be canceled at any time.”

Obviously this guy is just out to make a quick buck! Too bad it looks like he won’t see a dime of it!