Lethal Drugs Found at Michael Jackson's Home

July 1, 2009 By:
Lethal Drugs Found at Michael Jackson's Home

Michael Jackson's use of prescription drugs may have been more lethal than anyone originally suspected.

According to new reports, Propofol, an extremely dangerous and potent drug used for surgical anesthesia was found at Michael Jackson's house after he died.

The drug is so powerful, it can only be administered with an IV. And the only proper way to use it is at a hospital, because as one source told TMZ, "There is no conceivable way this drug can be properly prescribed for home use."

One of the major side effects of Propofol is cardiac arrest if it's taken in combination with narcotic painkillers, however, Propofol is so powerful it can stop someone's heart on its own.

Another drug that was found at his home was Diprivan, a powerful drug used to induce sleep.

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse whose specialty includes nutritional counseling, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that she repeatedly rejected his demands for the drug, Diprivan.

While in Florida on June 21, just 4 days before Michael's death, Lee was contacted by a member of Jackson's staff.

"He called and was very frantic and said, `Michael needs to see you right away.' I said, 'What's wrong?' And I could hear Michael in the background ..., 'One side of my body is hot, it's hot, and one side of my body is cold. It's very cold,'" Lee said.

"I said, `Tell him he needs to go the hospital. I don't know what's going on, but he needs to go to the hospital ... right away."

"At that point, I knew that somebody had given him something that hit the central nervous system," she said, adding, "He was in trouble Sunday and he was crying out."

Four days later Michael went into cardiac arrest and passed away in Los Angeles. It's such a tragedy that doctors and nurses, with the exception of Nurse Lee here, would just feed him drugs and injections every time he wanted to go to sleep and wanted to feel numb.

"He wasn't looking to get high or feel good and sedated from drugs," Nurse Lee added. "This was a person who was not on drugs. This was a person who was seeking help, desperately, to get some sleep, to get some rest."

Sadly all he wanted was some peace and quiet and some rest. Sleep well our Prince, you won't soon be forgotten.