Law Enforcement Officials Raid Home of Jackson's Physician

July 28, 2009 By:
Law Enforcement Officials Raid Home of Jackson's Physician

Michael Jackson's personal physician has seen better days. Not only is he being investigated for possible manslaughter, his Vegas home was just raided by law enforcement officials.

On Monday, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press that investigators believe Dr. Murray gave Michael a fatal dose of Propofol just hours before his death.

Ed Chernoff, Murray's attorney, released the following statement Monday: "It's a waste of time responding to all these timed 'leaks' from 'anonymous' sources. I feel like a horse swatting flies. Everyone needs to take a breath and wait for these long delayed toxicology results.

"I have no doubt they want to make a case - for goodness sakes, its Michael Jackson! But things tend to shake out when all the facts are made known, and I'm sure that will happen here as well."

The warrants issued Tuesday by law enforcement officials followed a similar raid at Murray’s Houston office last week. More details coming soon!