Katherine Jackson Won't Contest Michael's Will

July 21, 2009 By:
Katherine Jackson Won't Contest Michael's Will

The Michael Jackson drama just won't end! There are reports circulating the net that Michael's mother Katherine plans to contest his last Will, but attorneys for Mrs. Jackson insist there's no truth to the rumors.

In a statement released to Radar, Katherine's attorney Londell MCMillan said:

"Despite false reports, neither Mrs. Jackson nor any of her lawyers has or will be contesting the will. Nor has she decided whether or not to raise any challenge to the appointment of the executors named in the will or whether to seek the appointment of an additional co-executor. Her top priority remains the care of her son's three children."

According to the false reports, Katherine and her lawyer were going to challenge the co-executors Michael selected in his will, which was apparently Joe Jackson's idea.

Before the family goes forward with any legal issues surround Michael's estate, they need to lay that poor man to rest! He passed away almost a month ago and he's yet to be buried. Get your priorities straight people.