Katherine Jackson Wants an Allowance

July 23, 2009 By:
Katherine Jackson Wants an Allowance

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine may be a Jackson, but that doesn't mean she's rolling in dough. In fact, Michael was her only source of income, and now that he's gone, she wants an allowance from his estate.

Katherine's attorneys are asking a judge to approve an allowance for her and Michael's three children.

Attorneys for Jackson's estate say: "We are informed that Mrs. Jackson was also financially dependent upon Michael Jackson and that other than extremely modest social security benefits, Mrs. Jackson has no independent means of support.

"Michael Jackson died four weeks ago. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the Special Administrators to be authorized to pay family allowance for the benefits of Minor Children in order to ensure that the Minor Children's needs for maintenance and support are met."

It's unclear how much money Katherine was receiving from Michael when he was still alive and how much she'll get now to look after herself and his kids. They're currently all living at the Jackson's estate in Encino, CA.

Katherine is due back in court on August 3rd to find out if she's going to gain permanent guardianship of his kids. Let's hope she does, she's clearly the best fit for them.