Katherine Jackson Gets Huge Monthly Allowance

September 17, 2009 By:
Katherine Jackson Gets Huge Monthly Allowance

Being a Jackson already comes with perks, but being Michael Jackson's mother comes with a huge allowance.

Michael's estate is granting Katherine Jackson $26,804 per month allowance and an additional $60,000 a month for food, clothing, education and entertainment for his kids, reports TMZ. That's some serious cash!

The estate began paying the allowances last month and the allowances don't include housing expenses because Michael owned the Encino home Katherine and the kids are living in.

The MJ estate is separately paying the mortgage, gardeners, insurance and taxes associated with the property.

According to the papers Katherine's monthly allowance will help pay for an assistant, a housekeeper, a driver, clothing and grooming.

That's a lot of money to go through every month! It pays to be a Jackson!