Katherine Fighting Michael's Estate Executors in Court

August 17, 2009 By:
Katherine Fighting Michael's Estate Executors in Court

A hearing regarding the outcome of Michael Jackson’s estate is currently underway in a Los Angeles courtroom, and apparently, the opposing attorneys are running into major problems.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff is presiding over the hearing, which is regarding a deal John Branca and John McClain (the special administers of Michael’s estate) made with AEG for a Michael Jackson movie.

The attorney appointed to represent the interests of Michael’s children is in favor of the deal, but Katherine Jackson is not. Branca and McClain’s lawyer Howard Weitzman apparently told the judge, “We have a dilemma. One beneficiary doesn’t object and the other beneficiary does. We have a five to six million dollar deal for the estate that may never be recovered because of timing issues. We need court wisdom to overcome this hurdle.”

But Katherine simply doesn’t approve of the movie deal. Her attorney Burt Levitch said, “We have a real problem with the AEG deal.” According to TMZ Katherine thinks the lawyers for estate are trying to pull the guardian ad litem towards their side.

One thing both sides could agree on was the merchandising deal. This deal is with a company called Bravado, which will now have worldwide rights to sell Jackson-themed goods and exhibit memorabilia, which will pull in millions into Jackson’s estate.

Because Katherine is against the AEG deal, the judge has set a tentative date to hear Katherine's safe harbor petition on September 9th. What that means is that Katherine wants to file an objection to the special administrators, but doesn't want to do so if it would be considered protesting the will. Jackson's will contains a no-contest clause -- meaning anyone who challenges it loses their inheritance rights.

According to TMZ the judge is growing slightly impatient with all the back-and-forth between the two parties. He said that if Katherine Jackson didn’t protest the AEG deal, everyone wouldn’t have to spend so much time in court.

It sounds so tedious! Every little detail seems like it needs to be presented in court! So as of now, MJ merchandise has been cleared to hit stores, but the AEG deal is still pending.

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