Jury Reaches Verdict for Conrad Murray in Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial--Found GUILTY

November 7, 2011 By:
Jury Reaches Verdict for Conrad Murray in Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial--Found GUILTY

UPDATE: Dr. Conrad Murray was found GUILTY

On Monday morning, the jury notified the court that they have reached a verdict in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. The verdict will be read in a matter of minutes.

Dr. Murray had been staying with his family in Santa Monica and arrived to the courthouse to hear the verdict.

Michael Jackson's parents, along with La Toya, Jermaine and Randy, hurried to the L.A. County Courthouse after they were notified that the jury had reached a verdict. The Jackson family traveled from Calabasses and are anxious to hear the decision.

Jackson's children are staying at home with other members of the family. They were instructed not to watch the verdict so that Katherine Jackson could tell them the news when she got home.

On Friday, both teams finished up their closing arguments. Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors that the prosecution failed to prove that a crime was committed.

"Michael Jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallowed Lorazepam and Dr. Murray didn't know it," Chernoff insisted.

"They want you to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson," Chernoff told the court. Chernoff also called Murray "a little fish in a big, dirty pond." He also suggested that the only reason this case even went to trial is because of Michael Jackson's celebrity. Another point Chernoff made was that Murray didn’t call 911 immediately because he was busy trying to save Jackson.

The prosecution made the argument that doctors have a duty to their patients, and Murray's failure to act on that duty ultimately caused Jackson's death. They seemed to focus on the fact that Prince, Paris and Blanket lost their father. Prosecutor David Walgren said that Dr. Murray violated the trust between doctor and patient "each and every day."

The jury will read the verdict shortly. Stay tuned for updates.