Joe Jackson Wants Michael's Kids to Perform

July 10, 2009 By:
Joe Jackson Wants Michael's Kids to Perform

Michael Jackson passed away only two weeks ago, and already Joe Jackson is thinking about his kids taking over his legacy. He thinks Prince, Paris, and Blanket could easily get into showbiz just like their father.

Joe spoke of Paris on ABC Nightline, saying, “I keep watching Paris. She wants to do something.”

He said of Blanket, the youngest, that he “can really dance. That’s what they’re saying. He can really dance.”

But before Joe tries to make superstars out of his grandchildren, he has to focus on the custody battle first. When asked who should get custody of the kids, Joe replied, "The grandmother, Katherine, and I. There's no one else to do what we can do for them. We should keep them all together and make them happy. And feed them like they're supposed to be fed. And let them get rest ... and grow up to be strong Jacksons.”

The custody hearing will take place on Monday. We hope Katherine and Joe do get custody of the kids. At least they’ll be able to maintain some sense of normalcy being with their grandparents, and not a stranger!