Joe Jackson: Michael's Mom is Responsible for His Death

June 13, 2010 By:
Joe Jackson: Michael's Mom is Responsible for His Death

When it comes to Michael Jackson's death, Joe Jackson is ready to point fingers to anyone within a 10 foot radius of him.

Last week he blamed AEG and this week his target is Michael's mother Katherine. Joe sat down with the News of the World to talk about Michael's death and how he blames Katherine for not stepping in to save him.

Joe Jackson: AEG to Blame for Michael's Death

In the video he says, "As a mother you know, mothers always the one the sons looks up to. I wanted her to step in and go in and say, look Mike a bit. Keep him cheered up, because you know if your mother’s around you the son, I would think, would feel better."

“But she didn’t want to do that,” he continued, “because she was afraid that she was invading his privacy. And so I thought that, and we argued about that several times. And she says, I think Katherine if you don’t go and er…and er see him be with him or otherwise. He ain’t going to be with us too long.”

If he was so concerned about Michael's well being he should have stepped in and tried to save him.

He had no problem stepping in and asking for money but when his son was in need of help he turned his cheek and told his mother to take care of? No wonder Michael didn't want anything to do with his father!