Joe Jackson is Still Sue Happy

December 1, 2010 By:
Joe Jackson is Still Sue Happy

Michael Jackson's creepy dad Joe (why are all creepy celeb dads named Joe?!) is ready to sue Dr. Conrad Murray again on behalf of his son so he can pocket some extra spending cash for the year.

Joe Jackson’s lawyer Brian Oxman submitted papers on behalf of him in California Superior Court accusing the doctor of involuntary manslaughter.

Not only has he outlined a list of drugs that he feels Dr. Murray shouldn't have prescribed to MJ, he's also fuming that he asked a security guard to clean the room in which Michael died before the paramedics arrived.

Joe had previously filed a very similar lawsuit but the court dismissed it. They apparently don't want anything to do with the creep bag either.

While I do believe anything Joe does is for personal gain, why hasn't Dr. Murray gotten convicted yet?! MJ would still be alive if he didn't prescribe everything under the sun to him. If convicted he faces up to 4 years behind bars, but we're all still waiting for him to actually get that slap on the wrist.