Joe Jackson Denies Abusing Michael

July 21, 2009 By:
Joe Jackson Denies Abusing Michael

Joe Jackson is continuing the media train! He appeared on Larry King Live last night to speak about various topics, including the future for Michael Jackson's kids, and the claims that he alleged abused Michael as a child.

Starting with the rumor that Joe is trying to groom Paris, Prince, and Blanket into a singing trio, Larry asked Joe, “Do you think these children might go into show business?”

Joe responded, “I can’t get into that right now Larry, because I just can’t.”

Larry pushed the envelope a little, to which Joe responded, “Larry, I know where you’re trying to go with that…I’m not encouraging them to do nothing…They have to be what they are, kids at the moment.”

While that’s the answer we were all hoping for, something tells us Joe secretly thinks otherwise. He called the rumor that he wanted to turn Michael’s kids into the Jackson 3 “a bunch of jive” and we sincerely hope he’s telling the truth.

Larry then moved on to the next topic of conversation, which addressed the rumor about the alleged abuse claims. Larry asked Joe, “What do you think about all of these things that have been said over the years that you harmed Michael as a child.”

Joe defended himself again, saying, “That’s a bunch of bull-S, that’s a bunch of bull-S. That’s not true! I raised him just like you would raise your kids. Harm Michael for what? He’s my son, I love him, and I still love him.”

We didn’t expect Joe to come on Larry King to admit any truth to the rumors, but what do you think of his responses? Were they convincing, or is there still something creepy about Joe Jackson? Watch the video below: