Joe Jackson: AEG to Blame for Michael's Death

June 10, 2010 By:
Joe Jackson: AEG to Blame for Michael's Death

Joe Jackson really wants someone to blame for his son Michael Jackson’s death. Now he’s pointing the finger at AEG, the company that had planned on putting Jackson’s This Is It tour on last summer.

According to TMZ, Joe’s lawyer Brian Oxman is preparing to file a complaint against AEG with the United States Attorney General, claiming the company violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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Say what??! We know, crazy! Joe believes AEG knew his son was a drug addict and was disabled, yet pressured him to rehearse for long hours in preparation for the London shows.

Oxman also reportedly plans to file a complaint with the Medical Board of California, alleging AEG was unauthorized in taking charge of Michael's medical treatment.

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Dr. Conrad Murray’s lawyer even commented on the case, saying, "Mr. Oxman has some questions with regard to AEG's participation in the last days of Michael Jackson's life and he should ask those questions."

But that doesn’t mean Murray’s in the clear—sources say Oxman is also planning on filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor, claiming he was responsible for his death.

This is so sad. Michael’s death has become nothing more than a blame game. Who do you think is responsible for the King of Pop’s death?