Jermaine Jackson: Conrad Murray Should Be Cuffed

February 5, 2010 By:
Jermaine Jackson: Conrad Murray Should Be Cuffed

Dr. Conrad Murray won’t be arraigned until Monday now, but a certain family member of Michael Jackson thinks the arrest couldn’t come soon enough.

Jermaine Jackson say down and spoke with Entertainment Tonight to discuss the possibility of Murray being charged with the death of his brother.

“I just feel like it took so long to arrest this guy,” he says. “And to just [let this linger on, it is] putting daggers in our hearts and my mother’s.”

Jermaine claims that the Jackson family is very upset with how long it’s taken for justice to be served, and that Murray should be charged with involuntary manslaughter, not second-degree murder.

“I think he [Murray] should be cuffed, he should be fingerprinted, he should have his mugshot just like they did my brother,” Jermaine says of how he feels about Dr. Murray potentially turning himself in without being arrested.

He continues, “It could be first-degree murder, it could be whatever — Michael’s not coming back, so where’s the closure? Where is the closure?”

Jermaine also thinks he could have helped save his brother’s life. “I should have been smarter about what he [Murray] administered to my brother outside a hospital setting,” he says, reportedly fighting back tears. “Michael was excited about his shows and he should still be here.”

It’s obvious the Jackson family has no doubt that Murray contributed to Michael’s death. Catch the interview on ET tonight, and stay tuned for the arraignment on Monday!