Jackson Neighbors Want Crowds Gone From Their Street

July 8, 2009 By:
Jackson Neighbors Want Crowds Gone From Their Street

Fans of Michael Jackson have been coming in hoards to the Jackson family home in Encino ever since learning of their idol's death.

Not only have the Jackson family had to relocate to a hotel for privacy, but the neighbors of the their Encino home have been inundated as well.

Encino citizens have been completely overwhelmed by the amount of fans who want to pay homage to Michael by showing up to the family's home. But it seems they've had enough.

Today the Encino Neighborhood Council held a meeting to address "concerns over continuing impacts from sightseers and media in the weeks and months ahead."

A whole portion of Hayvenhurst Avenue has been blocked off to traffic since it's been taken over by the fans.

An Encino councilman released a statement saying, "While the Encino Neighborhood Council recognizes the worldwide interest in the sudden and tragic death of Michael Jackson, and the desire of fans to visit his childhood home, neighborhood residents and businesses need to take back their streets."

We can't even imagine how much of a burden that must be for the residents! And they're right, it probably won't let up for weeks!