Jackson Family to Sue for Wrongful Death

July 23, 2009 By:
Jackson Family to Sue for Wrongful Death

The Jackson family is reportedly planning on suing for wrongful death. The investigation is still unfolding, but sources say the Jacksons have been having private discussions and are pointing fingers.

Radar reports that the Jacksons are likely going to be suing Michael Jackson’s doctors even if they don’t face criminal charges.

The source says, “They not only want jail time for anyone who contributed to Michael’s death, they also want to make them pay, literally. They are determined to sue, even if there is no arrest.”

Dr. Murray is likely the first person on the Jackson’s list of targets. The source says Joe Jackson is the one who initially brought up the lawsuit, and that Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and LaToya are with him and want to hold accountable any doctor who helped cause Michael’s death.

The source says, “Some family members were estranged from Michael toward the end of his life but they want the world to know that he still had a family that loved him. They say they won’t let his death be in vain.”

We definitely saw this coming. From the looks of the investigation so far, it’s clear Michael was taking one too many prescription drugs. And people are very quick to point the finger. Dr. Conrad Murray may end up with not only a prison sentence, but no money left in his pocket as well.