Jackson Family to Buy Private Burial Garden

August 13, 2009 By:
Jackson Family to Buy Private Burial Garden

The Jackson family is reportedly looking into buying a private garden where the entire family can be eventually buried together.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Michael Jackson has been buried yet. But Joe Jackson recently claimed that it has not yet happened.

According to E!, Michael’s relatives want to bury Jackson in a secluded garden at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles that will one day be the final resting place for the whole family.

A source tells EOnline.com, "They are waiting to work out the details on buying plots for the whole family before they lay Michael to rest."

Each private garden, costing $253,000, is enclosed by brick walls - which would prevent the site from turning into a tourist attraction, a factor the family admits has contributed to Jackson's burial delay.

We think the biggest struggle will be keeping the garden private. Michael Jackson fans are one of a kind, and there’s no doubt they’d do anything to visit his grave to pay respects to the King of Pop.

They may want to invest in guards to watch the gravesite!