Jackson Family Reality Show Gets Greenlit

August 20, 2009 By:
Jackson Family Reality Show Gets Greenlit

The reality show starring the Jackson Family is reportedly a go. Before Michael died, his brothers filmed a one-hour pilot A&E that was going to feature a reunion with Michael. But Michael decided he didn’t want to have a reunion, and then he died shortly after.

But despite not having a reunion, A&E has decided to go forward with a series that will portray the Jackson brothers dealing with Michael’s death and their own personal lives.

The network claims that the deal isn’t quite done yet, but sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that it’s going to happen. Sources also say the pilot will air on A&E within the month.

It seems like the Jackson family is just getting more and more publicity since the death of Michael. Sadly, all of this press surrounding their brother is just furthering their careers. No one would ever be interested in watching a show about the Jackson family, unless Michael was involved.

And now that Michael has no say in the matter, they’re all able to cash in. Will you watch a Jackson brother reality show?