Jackson Family Hires Private Investigator

August 5, 2009 By:
Jackson Family Hires Private Investigator

There are still so many unanswered questions surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, and his family is ready for some answers. Michael's parents have reportedly hired private investigators to investigate their son’s death.

Joe and Katherine Jackson are convinced Michael's June 25th death was a result of foul play and are desperate to find out more about his condition and why he passed away at such a young age.

The private detectives will examine all the circumstances surrounding Michael’s death from a suspected cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home and why Dr. Conrad Murray administered drugs that his body could not handle. They want answers!

They also don't trust the people behind Michael's AEG contract for his This Is It comeback tour, and want details of the contract exposed.

A source said: “Joe has been obsessed with AEG’s role from the start and wanted to see the contract. He didn’t trust them and told Michael. He is adamant he only agreed or wanted to do 10 shows and was pressured into doing more.”

On Monday, a Los Angeles judge not only granted Katherine full custody of Michael's three children, he also told AEG that they had to turn in the contract to Katherine for review, a request that had been previously denied.

There's so much mystery surrounding Michael's death and his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray, we really don't blame Michael's parents for demanding answers. Dr. Murray is currently being investigated for possible manslaughter and the executors of Michael's will have already been paid millions since he past away.