Jackson Family Feuding Over Michael's Final Resting Place

July 8, 2009 By:
Jackson Family Feuding Over Michael's Final Resting Place

The Jackson's just can't seem to come to an agreement about where Michael Jackson should be buried.
Michael's mother Katherine is fighting against having his final resting place be Neverland Ranch because she insists her son never planned on returning to the property he abandoned in 2005.

However, Michael's older brother Jermaine hinted that the rest of the family wanted Michael at Neverland because he could feel Michael on the property. It was his home.

During an interview from Neverland last week Jermaine said, "I want my mother to come back here and feel what I feel, my brothers, my sisters... because it is so important. I mean, he built this place with love, you can feel it, you can see it. It's quiet, it's peaceful."

But now a source tells Radar, "Michael left Neverland for good, never to return. He felt violated by law enforcement after his molestation trial. He felt this place he had built had been tainted. Katherine continues to be her son's protector even after his death."

Michael's body is currently being held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood, although it's listed as the "temporary" site for his remains. How much longer can they avoid burying him? He passed away almost two weeks ago! Where do you think Michael should be buried?