Jackson Family Disgusted by Joe's Behavior

July 1, 2009 By:
Jackson Family Disgusted by Joe's Behavior

We're not the only ones disgusted by Michael Jackson's father Joe and his behavior following Michael's death.

Instead of mourning his son, he's been out and about promoting his new record label and making public statements on Michael's behalf--something we're sure Michael wouldn't have been happy about.

Just days after Michael passed away, his father Joe showed up to the BET Awards in Los Angeles to get some PR for his new record company.

The Chicago Sun Times newspaper reported: "Sources backstage Sunday night at the BET Awards tell me even Janet Jackson - and other Jackson family members- were 'really horrified' when they learned Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, started plugging his new Ranch Records label as he walked the red carpet at the show, which was totally reworked to honor Michael's memory and legacy."

When CNN presenter Dom Lemon asked about his late son, and how Michael's mother Katherine and siblings were coping, Joe said: "They are all doing fine. But I wanted to make this statement. This is a real good statement here! Marshall and me own a record label called Ranch Records."

His business partner, Marshall Thompson added: "It's driven by Blu-ray
technology, and that's his next step."

His statements really didn't come as a surprise to anyone. Joe has always been more concerned about his pocket than anything or anyone. Michael has expressed his deep dislike for his father for years, previously accusing him of physical abuse during his childhood.

We'd love to never hear another word come out of Joe's mouth. He's such a vulgar, tasteless, greedy man! What are your thoughts about how Joe is handling Michael’s death?