How Michael's Kids Are Coping With Death

June 23, 2010 By:
How Michael's Kids Are Coping With Death

The entire world is still coping with the sudden death of Michael Jackson, who passed away one year ago June 25th.

But imagine how his children must feel. Paris, Prince Michael, and Blanket have been under the watchful eye of their grandmother Katherine Jackson. But Michaels’ former manager Dieter Weisner fears what will happen to them once Katherine is no longer capable of guardianship.

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They’re “coping well,” Weisner told German magazine Gala. "It's obvious their world has completely changed after Michael's death. It's still a difficult situation but they're coping well. Blanket and Paris are quite outgoing, Prince is rather quiet."

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He had kind words about Katherine saying, "They're being taken care of. Katherine is a good-hearted woman.

"But,” he added, “As far as I know it hasn't been decided what will happen when Katherine can't do it anymore. Let's put it this way - it could become a huge contentious issue within the family. A lot of things are still in the open."

A lot is sure to change in the children’s near future. As Katherine mentioned this week in an interview, the children are being shipped off to private school next year, after having been home-schooled their entire lives. How’s that for a shock?

We just hope they’re not bullied in school. Being the new kid is never easy, so imagine starting school for the first time at their ages? Those poor kids are going to need years to adjust!