How Michael Jackson's Legend Lives On

June 24, 2011 By:
How Michael Jackson's Legend Lives On

Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s untimely death. And while he’s resting in peace, his legend is still wrapped in controversy and legal battles. His children, on the other hand, seem to have shown a resilient strength.

To mark two years without the king of pop, we’re checking in on the posthumous influence that Jackson has left behind.

Neverland Ranch: Jackson stopped residing at the ranch in 2005, after he felt it was “violated” by a police search. Police reportedly did not have a warrant. From 2005 until his death, Jackson lived in a Beverly Hills home he rented. The estate remained somewhat deserted as time went on, with more and more employees leaving. Then, in 2008, Colony Capital, LCC, purchased the loan for the home, which was in default. Since Jackson’s death, there have been rumors that the ranch will be turned into a state park, and in 2010, reports surfaced that Jackson’s two eldest children, Prince and Paris, wanted to buy the property.

The Possible Conspiracy: Conrad Murray is currently on trial, being charged with the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson. Murray was hired as Jackson’s personal physician as Jackson prepared for his comeback concerts. According to LaToya Jackson, Michael was worried about being murdered before his death. LaToya contended in her book that Jackson’s death was a conspiracy because he was the copyright owner of the Beatles’ songs.

“This is definitely something that was premeditated, that they had planned to do, and they planned to take my brother out, and my brother knew it, and that's why my brother told me repeatedly, repeatedly and repeatedly, that this was going to happen to him.”

Murray’s lawyers subpoenaed a large number of rehearsal videotapes from Sony Pictures. Murray believes it will show Michael was in frail, unhealthy condition during the This is It tour, proving there were many reasons for his death aside from Propofol. But Sony says there are more than 20 boxes of videos and it would cost them $200,000 to log and reproduce them all. The videos are under such tight protection, Sony lawyers say:

“When they were transported to the Sony lot in Culver City, the transport in an unmarked truck was accompanied by armed guards in the dead of the night.”

The Kids: The Jackson three have been spending a lot of time lately with Jaden and Willow Smith. Currently under the supervision of Jackson’s mother, Katherine, the three children were on a movie set in L.A. with the Smith kids recently. According to sources, Katherine thinks that Willow and Jaden will be good examples for Paris, Prince and Blanket. The children appeared on Good Morning America in February, where the eldest, Prince, said the three of them want to carry on their father’s legacy by “continue what our dad was doing.”