Giant Crowd Gathers At Michael Jackson Memorial

August 30, 2012 By:
Giant Crowd Gathers At Michael Jackson Memorial

On Wednesday, family, friends and fans of Michael Jackson - King of Pop, celebrated what would have been his 54th birthday and to celebrate his life, a crowd of devoted fans gathered outside MJ’s childhood home.

Michael Jackson fans are some of the most devoted and ecstatic (Twihards aside) as the town of Gary, Indiana is currently in the midst of “Michael Jackson Week.”

On Friday, the mayor is planning a dinner in honor of Katherine Jackson and on Saturday the local high school is doing a musical salute to MJ.

Paris, Blanket, and Prince Michael were all present at the home last night and Paris tweeted out a pic of the huge crowd writing, “you guys are amazing!!!”

Fans surrounded the Jackson kids thrusting things at them to sign.

The admirers outside the home left gifts, danced and partied late into the night. The crowd was even graced by a Michael Jackson impersonator.

The place of last night’s gathering was the home that Michael and his family lived at until 1969 when the Jackson 5 dropped their first album and could afford to move out of the tiny home.

The Mayor of Gary gave the Jackson kids T-shirts that said “Team Gary” telling them, “We just want you to know how much he meant to us and the city of Gary.”

Back in 2009 when MJ passed away, his fans gathered at the home for several days unofficially making the home Michael Jackson’s version of Graceland.