Dr. Murray Claims He Had "No Idea" Michael Had a Drug Problem

August 14, 2009 By:
Dr. Murray Claims He Had

Michael Jackson's personal physician Dr. Murray may have been a bigger idiot than we first anticipated. He claims he had "no idea" Michael had a drug problem.

Dr. Murray was hired to be Michael's personal doctor in May, and one month later Michael was dead. And now Dr. Murray is being investigated for possible manslaughter, so he's trying to play dumb and pretend he was totally in the dark about Michael's medical past.

Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff insists his client had no idea about what Jackson was addicted to or what he was taking for his habits.

Chernoff tells the Los Angeles Times, "When he accepted the job, he was not aware of any specific requirements regarding medications that Michael Jackson was taking or any addictions that he was suffering from."

Murray never bothered to run any tests on Michael to determine his health and what condition he was in. He simply provided Michael with the prescription drugs he asked for.

Chernoff adds Murray only "realized that Michael Jackson had some very unusual problems" after he moved into Michael's Holmby Hills, California mansion in May.

Dr. Murray's Las Vegas home and Houston office have already been raided by authorities but 3-5 boxes of Michael's personal records went missing the day he was announced dead.

The Los Angeles Coroners office refused to release any details regarding his toxicology reports because of the ongoing investigation surrounding his death.

The Jackson family is convinced that Michael was either murdered or there was some foul play involved. What do you think?