Dr. Conrad Murray's Office Being Raided By DEA

July 22, 2009 By:
Dr. Conrad Murray's Office Being Raided By DEA

Federal drug agents and LAPD officers raided the office of Dr. Conrad Murray in Houston, TX this morning.

According to ABC News, a caravan of 15 cars showed up to the office less than an hour ago. There are more than a dozen DEA agents and detectives on the scene.

Murray’s office is inside a medical building owned by a doctor whose license was revoked in 2005 for over-prescribing medication.

A search warrant for this morning’s raid was obtained after preliminary results of Michael Jackson’s autopsy showed a connection to the drug Propofol.

While authorities did show up to Dr. Conrad Murray’s office this morning, a special agent for the DEA says it was not a raid.

An agent told Access Hollywood: “The Los Angeles Police Department came out to Houston to conduct a search warrant and asked for help from the DEA and the Houston Police Department, This is not a raid.”

Murray’s spokesperson, attorney Edward Chernoff, told Access, “This is really shocking. This was unexpected to us. We are looking into it right now and hope to have a statement on our website soon. We are shocked because we have been cooperating all along so this comes as a surprise to us.”