Dr. Conrad Murray Won't be Charged Until Monday

February 5, 2010 By:
Dr. Conrad Murray Won't be Charged Until Monday

The waiting game continues. After reports suggesting Michael Jackson's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray would be in court today to enter a not guilty plea, the details have changed again.

Now, he’ll have to wait until Monday to visit the courtroom. A A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has confirmed that "nothing will be filed today in the Michael Jackson death case." They say now that "a case will be filed on Monday, Feb. 8."

In place of the now-canceled arraignment, Conrad’s defense team planned on holding a press conference this afternoon. They seem annoyed by the legal system because of the delay. But according to TMZ, they just canceled the conference.

Miranda Sevcik, the spokeswoman for one of Murray's many lawyers, Ed Chernoff, told E!, "I don't want people to think negotiations broke down because of anything we did. We bent over backwards. They're spending a lot of money and time that your city and state can't afford to spend on this. I can say definitively it's very indulgent on the part of the LAPD and D.A. to drag this out. It's so unnecessary.”

Stay tuned for new details on why they canceled!