Dr. Conrad Murray to Get More Jail Time Because He Killed a Celebrity?

November 29, 2011 By:
Dr. Conrad Murray to Get More Jail Time Because He Killed a Celebrity?

Conrad Murray is set to report to court today for sentencing and even though a victims celebrity status should never factor in to sentencing, because Conrad Murray essentially killed Michael Jackson, many legal experts are saying it’s impossible to not factor in the fame of the victim.

TMZ spoke to judges, prosecutors and criminal lawyers who all agree that 4 years in prison is Murray’s maximum sentence, which they think is a little steep. These legal experts concluded that the average person in this kind of accidental manslaughter case with a similar background (a clean record) would get only a year or two in jail followed by a year of two of community service.

So Murray’s sentence seems to have been affected by the celebrity spotlight surrounding the case.

Also, the District Attorney is asking for $100 million in restitution for Michael’s family which is an insanely high price for restitution.

However, the truth of the matter is that because of new California laws, Murray will probably only spend two years in jail, and not actual prison, and he may be eligible for house arrest.

On the other hand, Murray’s family is petitioning for Murray to receive a more lenient sentence because he is such an upstanding citizen (aside from giving Michael Jackson lethal injections of propofol).

Murray’s mother wrote a letter to Judge Michael Pastor, writing: “He is referred to as a gentlemen by all who know him. He never drank alcohol, took drugs or smoked cigarettes in his life. He and I have always had a close relationship as mother and son and there is that special bond with him being my first born. This is the first time he is facing such an ordeal. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before. He is saddened and remorseful about the death of his friend Michael Jackson and I do believe he is certainly learning the toughest lesson of his life."

She begs the judge to only give her son probation or community service and hopefully avoid jail time.

“He is sorry for what happened to Michael and had no ill intent towards him. I humbly beg for your heart felt consideration of everything I have said about Conrad, and ask for your compassion and leniency in giving him probation or community service."