Dr. Conrad Faces the Judge Today

January 4, 2011 By:
Dr. Conrad Faces the Judge Today

Michael Jackson's murderer personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray has to face the music today.

He's back in court to face a judge today in connection to MJ's death. A preliminary hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court has begun to determine whether there is enough evidence to send the Michael Jackson manslaughter case to trial.

Conrad faces up to four years in jail if he's found guilty, which doesn't sound like enough time for the man responsible for MJ's death.

He was hired by AEG a month before MJ died, and was paid $150,000 a month to be his doc.

His camp is going to argue that MJ injected himself with the lethal dose of propofol. He's arguing that he only gave MJ a small amount of propofol, and it wasn't enough to kill him.

They're going to call at least 30 witnesses and the preliminary hearing is going to last roughly two weeks. Story developing…