Debbie Rowe Suing Her Friend For Defamation

July 17, 2009 By:
Debbie Rowe Suing Her Friend For Defamation

Debbie Rowe has decided to get involved in yet another legal battle! She’s now suing a woman who claimed to be a close friend of her, and spilled the beans on Debbie’s intentions regarding the custody battle.

Earlier this week, Hollyscoop reported that Rebecca White, who claimed to be a “close friend” of Rowe, told Extra that Debbie had written her several emails saying she didn’t want the kids, and was just going after the money.

And now, Debbie has decided to sue White for for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. ET says Rowe alleges that White fabricated the emails.

In the court documents, Rowe claims she did email White, but spoke nothing of Michael Jackson or his kids. The lawsuit also claims that White has a history of committing similar "malicious acts" for financial gain against celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, singer Robbie Williams, Kate Moss and the late Heath Ledger.

Pretty serious claims! This Rebecca White woman may be just as crazy as Debbie Rowe herself! We don’t know who to believe!