Debbie Rowe: "Hell No" I Don't Want Those Kids!

July 15, 2009 By:
Debbie Rowe:

Debbie Rowe is looking more and more like she just wants money out of this custody deal. A personal email of Debbie’s has just leaked which paints her in a pretty bad light.

According to Extra, Debbie wrote an email to her friend Rebecca White on July 2nd, saying “Hell No!” she did not want the kids.

White says, "I know she's seeking custody of the children. I think she wants the best for the children.”

Despite the claim, Debbie allegedly wrote in the email: “I'm not going after custody. These kids are not mine. They were never mine. They were always Michael's. I was Michael Jackson's best friend."

Rebecca attributes Debbie’s statement to her changing her mind about the situation. She says, “I think things change on a daily basis. It's not like she doesn't love them. It's not like she doesn't want the best for them, but her life is different...The idea of being a mother to those children is something I don't think she really wants. She can't just sit back in the shadows and not say anything because then she will be looked at as the woman who gave up her children and that's a horrible thing to say... She had to do something to protect them in a way."

On July 5th, Debbie wrote again: "My lawyer is telling me I have to take some responsibility about the welfare of the children. Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for me to ask for them? Absolutely. I don't want to look like the woman who gave away her kids and just forgot about them. Would Michael want Joe to have them? I think it would be the last thing that he would ever have wanted."

White says Rowe’s fight is totally motivated by money. She tells Extra, "The motivation is money. I really have to be honest... If the children aren't the ones she wants, what else will she gain from it?"

Also, Rowe reportedly told White that a “secret custody” deal is in the works. Debbie wrote her a text message that said, “Just wait until the 14th. Everything will be done after the 14th.”

This is definitely not a woman who is concerned for the children! She wants money, plain and simple! We hope the judge can see right through her!