Debbie Rowe Entitled to Custody of Michael's Children

June 26, 2009 By:
Debbie Rowe Entitled to Custody of Michael's Children

One big question surrounding the death of Michael Jackson is where will his children go? According to TMZ, Debbie Rowe will get custody of them if she so chooses.

It’s been reported that Rowe gave up her parental rights to her children Paris and Michael Jr. during her custody battle with Jackson in 2005. Judge Stephen Lachs initially terminated her rights as a parent, but then reversed the decision.

TMZ spoke with Lance Spiegel, the lawyer who repped Jackson at the time. Spiegel says under the law, the Department of Children and Family Services must conduct a parental fitness investigation before parental rights are terminated and that didn't happen with Rowe.

So now, under California law, Rowe is now presumed to be the person who will get custody. The only way Rowe can be denied custody is if a court determines it would be "detrimental to the children."

Apparently if Rowe gets custody she will get "a huge amount of child support from Jackson's estate."

So chances are Debbie Rowe will be asking for full custody of Michael Jackson’s children. Do you think this is fair? Or should they go to someone else in Michael’s family?