Debbie Rowe and Katherine Reach Secret Custody Agreement

July 13, 2009 By:
Debbie Rowe and Katherine Reach Secret Custody Agreement

While rumors circulate that Joe Jackson is already trying to groom Michael’s three children into a singing group, new details have surfaced outlining a secret agreement between Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson.

According to the Daily Mirror, Debbie and Katherine have come to a secret agreement of sorts when it comes to the custody battle over Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

The Daily Mirror claims Debbie has agreed to let Katherine have the kids, as long as Joe Jackson has no part in raising them.

A source says, "The last thing she wanted was for those kids to be looked after by Joe and go through what Michael went through. When [Rowe and Jackson] were [married], Michael poured out his heart about how much he loathed Joe for what he had done."

In addition, Debbie wants to be known simply as a “family friend,” and not as Prince and Paris’ biological mother. Debbie also wants monthly, unsupervised visits with the two children.

This agreement would be very possible, seeing as though Katherine and Joe haven’t lived together for years, though they’re still technically married.

Though this sounds strange, this deal sounds the most like what Michael Jackson wanted for his children. We hope Katherine does end up with the kids.