David Gest Suing Auction House over Jackson's Belongings

June 29, 2009 By:
David Gest Suing Auction House over Jackson's Belongings

David Gest is suing an auction house after they held a sale of Michael Jackson memorabilia just one day after his death. Julien’s Auctions had 21 Jackson family items on display in Las Vegas on Friday, claiming they were from David Gest, who was a close friend of Michael. But Gest says he was never informed of the auction.

He tells the Sun, "I never consigned any of these items to Julien's Auction House in L.A. I have instructed my legal representatives Sheridans solicitors to sue the auction house and let buyers know this was not my auction.”

He went on to say, "I think it is terrible that the auction house would carry out a sale of items belonging to a man who had not been buried yet. Even if I once owned any of these items this should not have been misleadingly portrayed as my personal auction to the press and buyers. I received no money from this sale."

A spokesman for Julien's Auctions defended themselves to The Sun, saying, "The items were consigned to us by a third party who got them from David Gest at some time in the past. This is an auction that we had planned back from the spring. When we heard Michael had passed away we did toy with the idea of pulling the 21 items but this was an important part of history and we decided to go on."

They ended up making nearly $1 million from the sale of Jackson-related mementos such as letters, paintings, and signed albums. In fact one album sold for $33,750, and was only expected to go for $600 max.

We agree with David Gest that this was in poor taste for the auction house to have a sale on the day after his death. We understand a lot of fans are eager to hold onto a piece of their favorite pop icon. but waiting a few days would have been a little more respectful.