Coroner Subpoenas Another Jackson Doctor

July 31, 2009 By:
Coroner Subpoenas Another Jackson Doctor

Another one of Michael Jackson’s doctors has just been ordered to turn over medical files to the LA County Coroner office.

According to TMZ, the coroner has just subpoenaed Dr. Allan Metzger’s files that involve Jackson.

This is the same doctor that was given a slap on the wrist by the Medical Board of California for back in September, 2000 for allegedly writing fraudulent prescriptions for Janet Jackson.

The letter from the Medical Board of California stated, "You engaged in fraudulent medical practice based on prescriptions written for an international entertainer, using a false/fictitious name." Dr. Metzger told us the entertainer is Janet Jackson.

Metzger’s lawyer maintains his innocence, saying that he had even declined prescribing Propofol to Michael back in April. "Jackson was looking for propofol and Dr. Metzger turned him down and advised him how dangerous it was," Braun tells People.

"Apparently, Jackson was shopping around for the drug or looking for someone to administer it to him."

He also says he hadn’t even been Jackson’s doctor “for ages,” but he did confirm that Dr. Metzger was subpoenaed last month by the Los Angeles coroner in search of Jackson's medical records.

"All my client did was turn down Michael's request for the drug and warn him of the dangers," Braun added. "Dr. Metzger did nothing wrong, and he's now a potential witness who can testify that Jackson was looking for the drug."

Metzger is the fourth doctor to be have files searched in the apparent manslaughter investigation. This case seems like it will never end!